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1979 the Bee Gees went to No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Love You inside Out’, the group’s 9th US No.1.   It also reached no.13 in the UK.

1997 ‘I Could Not Love You More’ was released as a single, making it to number 14 in the UK


1971 Maurice recorded ‘You Know It’s For You’, which made it onto To Whom It May Concern


1967 the Bee Gees appeared live on the UK TV show ‘As You Like It’. The group were promoting their debut single ‘New York Mining Disaster 1941’

1970 Maurice and Robin work on tracks together for the first time in a year. Two of the songs – ‘Sincere Relation’ (then called Distant Relationship) and ‘Lay It On Me’ – eventually made it onto the comeback album 2 Years On


1974 Robin and Molly’s daughter Samantha was born


1970 Maurice and Robin continued their work together in a follow-up session to the previous week


2006 Arif Mardin died aged 74 from pancreatic cancer. He worked at Atlantic Records for over 30 years, before moving to EMI. The winner of 11 Grammy Awards


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