1973 Barry and Linda’s son Stephen born

1984 Barry and Linda’s son Michael born


1970 Maurice recorded a track, ‘Danny’, with Billy Lawrie. The purpose of the recording is unknown and it went unreleased.


1970 Maurice recorded more tracks with Billy Lawrie, again unreleased


1991 Barry and Linda’s daughter Alexandra born


1970 The Bee Gees began work on the “Trafalgar” album, the only song from this date that made it on to the album was ‘When Do I’.


1976 The Bee Gees concert at The Forum in Los Angeles is recorded and released in May 1977 as “Here At Last … The Bee Gees … Live”. The album sold 4.6 million copies worldwide, reaching number 8 in the US charts.  It failed to chart in the UK.


1949 Born on this day, Robin and Maurice Gibb


1967 The Bee Gees performed their Christmas special ‘live’ from Liverpool Cathedral, England which was broadcast on UK TV.

1977 The Bee Gees started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, the group’s 4th US No.1. It stayed in the top 10 for 17 weeks giving it the longest chart run in history, a No.3 in the UK.


1957 It was on this date that the brothers, along with two friends, made their first appearance in front of an audience at the Gaumont Theatre in Manchester.  The story is well-known; they were supposed to be miming to a record which they were taking with them. “Somehow” the record met with an accident on the way so the decided to sing live.

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