1976 – The brothers relocate from Criteria studios to Le Studio in Quebec, Canada during recording of Children of The World. Reasons were due to the number of hours they were allowed to work in the US.


1970 – Robin was working on tracks for Sing Slowly Sisters


1970 – Maurice and the rest of the cast of Sing A Rude Song record the soundtrack album


1970 – Barry produced four tracks for P. P. Arnold, including two tracks he had just recorded for his solo album: Happiness and Born


1995 – The single “How To Fall In Love” was released in the UK; it reached the heady heights of number 30 in the UK charts.


1971 – Three more tracks were worked on for the Trafalgar album. ‘Country Woman’ made it on to a B-side while ‘The Greatest Man In The World’ made the album


1972 – The final day of recording for Trafalgar, and another busy one.  Three songs made the album – Israel, It’s Just The Way and Don’t Wanna Live Inside Myself.  The other track was a re-working of the Robin track Engines and Aeroplanes


1972 – The Bee Gees continued recording for “To Whom It May Concern”, including ‘Never Been Alone’ and the Barry track from 1970, ‘I Can Bring Love’


1972 – The Bee Gees continued recording for To Whom It May Concern with “Run To Me”, “Bad Bad Dreams” and “Please Don’t Turn Out The Lights”

14 April

1949 – Dennis Bryon was born

1967 – Polydor Records released ‘New York Mining Disaster 1941’


1970 – Robin working on the final songs for Sing Slowly Sisters

1972 – To Whom It May Concern continued at a pace with the recording of “I Held A Party”, “Sea Of Smiling Faces” and “Sweet Song of Summer”

1989 – The album ‘One’ was released in the UK.  Reached number 29 in the UK album chart


1969 – Maurice Gibb and Lulu were married. Barry was the best man. The couple split in 1973


1970 – Maurice worked on three tracks for The Loner, shortly before beginning his stage appearances in Sing A Rude Song


1970 – To Whom It May Concern was completed with the recording of “Road To Alaska”


1989 – The album ‘One’ was released in Germany

2001 – The album ‘This Is Where I Came In’ was released.  The twenty-second (and final) studio album from the Bee Gees.  The album peaked at number 6 in the UK and 16 in the US

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