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Myths and Legends of the demo tapes

First up I need to say a big thank you to Steve Worek who provided me some invaluable input. In the Bee Gees Demos – part 21 I listed a number of bootleg CDs and their track listings. Steve rightly pointed out that a number of the tracks were misidentified, and supplied some useful information. […]

A Short Review

Some of you will already be aware that RobinGibb.com has a ‘members’ area that contains some otherwise unavailable material such Photos, Videos and Audio.  In the Audio section there are some demos, mostly just short clips, but there are a few full-length tracks.  Two of them below are the ones that I wanted to touch […]

Bee Gees Demos – Part 21

More demo CDs from my collection in this last post of the series (unless more come my way). From The Bee Gees Archives At the time this came out many of these tracks had been on various other Demo tapes / CDs but this is a collection of some of the better quality recordings that […]

Bee Gees Demos – Part 20

As promised, here are the demo CDs that I have in my collection. Originally I intended to do this in a single post but when I dug them out I found more than I remembered buying.  Conversely, there are a couple that I didn’t find that I’m positive I bought so I need to hunt […]

Bee Gees Demos – Part 19

Bee Gees – One Demos Recording for this album was delayed by the unexpected loss of brother Andy on 10 March 1988.  Barry, Robin, and Maurice were hit hard by the loss but attempted to begin recording in April. They completed the commissioned song for the Olympics, ‘Shape of Things to Come’. They wrote a new […]

Bee Gees Demos – Part 18

Bee Gees Demos – Part 18

Barry Gibb – Hawks demos The complete Hawks demos came my way in the form of “Moonlight Madness”, which was the original title of the album when Barry started it back in 1986. For the pedantic amongst you, I do realise that this places it before the E.S.P. demos but I felt it made more […]

Bee Gees Demos – Part 17

E.S.P. Demos   Recording of these demos began in 1986, in New York in October and then at Maurice’s home studio in Miami. The instrumental tracks were done October 1986 into 1987. This was followed by recording of the vocal tracks at an unknown studio. More detail can be found in Joe Brennan’s entry for […]