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First uploaded: 25 March 2011 23:48(GMT) | Last updated: 9 July 2012 21:02(GMT)

Some of the rarer tracks, mostly these will be audio only. I will be including artists other than the Gibbs, where the song is rare and / or there is no Bee Gees version.

  Cucumber Castle – the full film

Previous updates

28 May 2012

Run To Me – rare video

22 December 2011

Daddie’s Little Girl – Barry Gibb. New song from 2011 (audio only)

6 May 2011

Up The Revolution – Elton John from the ‘Bunbury Tails’ CD

22 April 2011

Chain Reaction – an audience with the Bee Gees

Islands in the Stream – an audience with the Bee Gees

Guilty – an audience with the Bee Gees

Jive Talkin’ & To Love Somebody – from the Prince’s Trust Concert 2006. One of the best performances of To Love Somebody.

Will You Still Love Me – Carol King tribute. Included for the perfect harmonies.

Saved By The Bell – Robin tv performance

19 April 2011

Words – Robin with Nigel Kennedy in 2007

Cowman Milk Your Cow – Gibb-penned track sung by Adam Faith

18 April 2011

Mr Natural – from the Mike Douglas Show, 1974 (audio is a bit duff but the video is excellent quality)

Don’t Forget to Remember – from the Cucumber Castle film

I Was The Child – from the Cucumber Castle film

My Thing – from the Cucumber Castle film

13 April 2011

Blue Island – brilliant performance of this track from MTV’s Most Wanted

Medley – from MTV’s Most Wanted


You Don’t Say Us – Robin solo TV appearance – you’d think he’d learn the lyrics (just as well he’s miming)!

Oh! Darling -Clip from the Sgt Pepper film

I’ve Come Back – Maurice’s B-side (audio only)

Hold Her In Your Hand – Maurice’s single (audio only)

And The Sun Will Shine – TV appearance from 1968

New York Mining Disaster 1941 – excellent quality video considering the age. Great audio too.

Alive – another excellent quality video.

My World – from an Italian TV special

I Just Wanna Be Your Everything – rare video of Andy

Words – Andy Gibb TV appearance

Then You Left Me – not a rare song, but a rare video clip from Cucumber Castle

Boys Do Fall In Love – Rare video for this Robin track

Bye Bye Love – Barry and Maurice from the early 70’s

Fallen Angel (extended version) – (audio only)

My Destiny – (audio only)

855-7019 – (audio only)

The Shape Of Things To Come – originally released on 1988 Olympics album (audio only)

To Lose Your Penis – clip from the Howard Stern show

I Started A Joke – late sixties, sung live, with different musical arrangement

We’re The Bunburys – audio only

Bunbury Afternoon – audio only

Fight (No Matter How Long) – audio only. Bee Gees & Eric Clapton

Eyes –  Gibb-written with Kelli Wolfe on vocalfrom the Bunbury Tails album

Saw A New Morning – from Midnight Special 1973


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  1. Hi, I’m searching the album “The Loner” by Maurice Gibb. It has never been released; but there is a bootleg on “Ladybird”. Can somebody help me to find this on cd?
    Thanks a lot and best wishes


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