My word! How quickly time flies!

I was surprised at how long it had been since I had put up any kind of update on this blog.  I can only apologise to the faithful amongst you, as well as the few new followers. That work-thing seems to have got in the way again. Even though I’ve not been posting I have […]

New widget

I’ve added a new widget to the sidebar for downloads. This will contain documents for your viewing pleasure – there will be no MP3’s before anyone asks! I’ve started it off with a list of Bee Gees songs, including unreleased stuff.  It may or may not be complete – I make no claims that it […]

New page added

Just a quickie to say welcome to 2012. Let’s hope it’s a good one. Also, I’ve added January’s “On This Day” page. Enjoy. I’m going back to bed now!

Diary Page update

Just so’s you know – the diary page has been updated. First event of 2012 confirmed.

The Nation’s Favourite Bee Gees Song

Just a friendly reminder to UK viewers that you can see the one-off television special on ITV-1 on Friday from 9pm. The programme will be a celebration of some of the best-loved songs in recent music history, as well as relating the stories behind them. The 90 minute special includes some brand new interviews with […]

More updates

I’ve set up a Twitter account to run as a compliment to the blog.  Updates to the main site will be posted there as well as any other info I can fit into140 characters! Just click on the “Follow” link at the top of the sidebar. I’ve also added a link Barry’s Twitter feed in […]

Diary updated

The diary has been updated with a couple of cancellations and the addition of a new concert.  It is now confirmed that Robin will appear at Potsdam on 3 July.