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I’ve been living with the ‘stigma’ that always seems to get attached to Bee Gees’ fans for most of my life, and most of the stuff I find online is downright abusive. So I thought it was time to inject a bit of positivity, not to mention objectivity, into the mix and there’s no more modern way than to start a blog.

But what to call it?  All the obvious names had either been used or I didn’t like them.  I decided on the ‘Kick’ reference, mainly because it was a little bit different but also because it doesn’t immediately make people think “Bee Gees” (unless you’re a real fan, obviously) and therefore non-fans wouldn’t be put off clicking a link to the site.

Whether that actually works in practise, who knows? I sure don’t and I’m not all that bothered, really!

A brief introduction to me:

I’m in my early fifties, recently started a new job that (so far) seems to be going really well.  I have been a Bee Gees fan since I was knee-high to a grasshopper! The first albums I ever bought with my pocket money were ‘The Early Days vol 1’ (which I now know was a redux of ‘Rare, Precious & Beautiful’) along with the ‘Massachusetts’ compilation album.  I’ve followed the Gibb brothers’ career from that moment, even more so since I’ve been on the internet and discovered a lot more than I ever thought possible.

I know that there are a great many sites out there that give you a whole array of information on the band and the links to the best of them will be in their own little area on the sidebar to the right of the main page.

Update: Dec 2011

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that I went missing for a few months between September and the end of November 2011. I won’t bore you with the why’s and wherefore’s – that’s not why you’re here after all – but to put it briefly I had some sh*t to deal with that kind of messed up my life for a while there.

Any way, everything’s back to normal now and whilst there may still be gaps, they’ll be nothing like that one (touch wood!).

Update: April 2012

My word there is truth in the old adage that time flies when you’re having fun!  Or in my case, being back in gainful employment.  I’m currently juggling this and my work, somewhat successfully.  It’s being made all the easier by virtue of the fact that I’m doing contract work, so I’m working 3 days a week but that may go up to 4 from next week.  It’s only a couple of months work, but it’s better than sitting on my fat a** all day!  Oh, wait … I am still sitting on my fat a** all day.

At least I’m being paid for it now, though!

Update: 10 November 2013

So … this work-thing has been getting in the way of my updating this blog.

The “3 days a week for a couple of months” turned into full-time and hasn’t stopped!  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate being in a job that I love doing but I do wish I had more spare time to dedicate to this.  I will try to do better.

Update: 12 October 2015

Getting back into this blogging-thing after a period of inactivity (apart from updating some news articles).  For once it wasn’t anything to do with work but was for more personal reasons that I’ve touched elsewhere on this blog.  I have a bit of catching up to do here and that will be happening over the next few weeks.  I will be going back over the various links to external content, especially the YouTube links because I’m well aware that they have a habit of disappearing for various reasons.


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  1. Hi,
    Do you actually have a copy of the “one” demos? I know this is a strange question coming from me, but I actually don’t have them anymore…
    I appreciate the respect that you show on this site, and thank you for the links to my pages.
    Thanks again,
    Spencer Gibb (yes, it is me);)

  2. Hey…. thought you might like a little insight into that “Lost and Found” boot you have listed. In short, a number of tracks on there aren’t Bee Gees related at all – the bootlegger is a known scam artist. (The tracks are such poor quality to hide that they’re not the Gibbs!) Here’s what I know about it….

    * “Kangoory Dance” is Rolf Harris singing “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.”
    * “Let It Be” is most likely Aaron Neville, NOT Barry.
    * “Morning Sun” has no Gibb connection whatsoever; no clue who it is, though.
    * “She’s Like The Devil” is the Beatles singing “Devil In Her Heart.”
    * “What A Wonderful You” is by an unknown artist, certainly not Maurice.
    * “What’s New Mary Jane” is the Beatles’ “What’s The New Mary Jane.” (Honestly, passing a John/Yoko composition as a Maurice track is ridiculous.)
    * “Woman” is performed by Peter & Gordon, written by Paul McCartney.

    Just a shame that this guy’s fake tracks have spread to other boots by now.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the info.

      Of course, you make a really valid point about the perils of bootlegs. I was aware of most of those you’ve mentioned, although I wasn’t aware of who all the tracks were actually by, so you have given me some info there that I wasn’t aware of.

      Your comment actually jogged my memory somewhat, in that I had planned to cover this problem in a subsequent post. Unfortunately I had a few problems and didn’t even look at this blog for a few months while I got myself back on track. Then, when I did finally come back to it, I totally forgot about the problems with bootlegs!

      However, now that you’ve brought the subject back to mind, I’ll try to put something together for a post early in the new year.

      Thanks again

      • Well, now things get more complicated – I noticed two listings in the songography in the back of the “Tales From The Brothers Gibb” book that DON’T correspond to anything on Joe Brennan’s website. (Even though he co-authored the book, and doubtlessly provided session information.)

        The first is “Let It Be”, which is described as a warm-up from the Spirits Having Flown sessions; the other is “Morning Sun” (?!), credited as a Maurice Gibb-Billy Lawrie composition. If that’s true, then it’s probably Billy singing (it’s definitely not Maurice), though I’m not familiar with his voice. The only odd thing is, if these tracks are so obscure that they never appeared on prior bootlegs, why are they higher quality than the rest of this disc? “Morning Sun” sounds like a 45!

      • Steve, thanks again – more conflicting info!!

        I did a quick check on the BMI website and there’s no listing of “Morning Sun” under Maurice or Billy Lawrie. A search of the song title throws up pages of results and it’ll take forever to go through them.

        The explanation for “Let It Be” throws up a major problem for identifying some of the non-Gibb bootlegged songs, because they were known to do songs like this as warm-ups prior to recording. So I guess it is, therefore, entirely possible that some of these tracks ARE actually by them – it’s identifying them that’s going to be the problem.

        I have to say that I’m surprised that Joe Brennan’s info was off, although it’s obviously a lot easier to update his website so it may be that the info was removed from the site. Although, it’s possible that the other authors published it anyway, despite the inaccuracies – I know from previous experience years ago on a forum whereby one particular person thought a lyric was one thing, and I could plainly see by lip-reading a video that it was something else! Some people get an idea in their heads that something “is” and nothing will deter them from that belief.

        Ho-hum. A lot more research is required, I think and your input is very much appreciated. I may ask for your thoughts on the draft post, if I can ever get it finished!

  3. Just found your site, have you look at http://www.ibcstudio.co.uk for early Bee Gees recordings 1967 onwards. Anyone know why the Bee Gees changes the words from
    “You know you gave yourself away” to “Sir Geoffrey save the world” ?.

    • Thanks, John. The IBC site is quite interesting. As for “Sir Geoffrey Saved The World”, I can’t answer that with any authority I’m afraid, but I expect “You Know How You Gave Yourself Away” may have been a working title, before the lyrics were finalised.

      The Bee Gees seemed to do this a lot – When Barbara Came To Stay becoming Edison, Chequered Flag becoming Harry Braff to name a couple. This seems to be a result of the Gibbs writing style more than anything. They were known for creating lyrics to fit melodies, which would certainly explain why songs like Barbara Came To Stay developed into the finished article, in this case Edison.

      It’s an interesting question … I may have to write a post on the subject!

  4. Hi Kevin, I was shown around the IBC studio back in 1968 by a friend who work there,
    after I was given some acetates, one being “You know you gave yourself away” which to me was a better version, Joe Brennan said it was a last minute decision to change to “Sir Geoffrey saved the world” but does not know why, all my searches have so far come up blank, the othwer side of the acetate has “Massachusetts” without the orchestra on it.

  5. Great site. I too have been a Bee Gees fan for a long time. (1967 in fact) Whilst other groups get my interest and admiration, the Bee Gees have always been no 1. Why? I guess they are just unique. Yes I have had to live with the sniggers and jokes, but you can’t argue with the facts, the Bee Gees were one of the best . I look foreward to reading your site in full, and enjoying the music. As for Sir Geoffrey saved The World, great song with a great title, that makes no sence at all, but hey, that was the 60s for you.

  6. Hi
    congratulations on your website is a wealth of information
    could you put your BGs downloads in excel format please ?
    A very big thank you

    • Hi
      a big thanks you for the excel format, I would like to modify the file(just add a few remarks about the titles I possess) but i can’t, do you know why ?
      thanks for your help

      • Hi. I do know why you can’t edit the file … it’s because I protected it.

        It took me almost 18 months to get it to the point that it’s at and there are still a lot of details missing. I understand you want to add your own information but I hope you understand my reasons for doing what I’ve done.

        However, I will take a look at the various ways of protecting what I’ve done but still allowing others to add to it. It may be the weekend before I get a chance to do anything, so bear with me.

  7. Hi

    yes of course I understand, thanks for your answer and your kindness

  8. Jo, the spreadsheet is updated and ready for download. I have kept the protection on most of the cells, but you should be able to add your own columns and add info everywhere else.

    Some cells are within the main parts of the sheet are also editable – for example I left the tick boxes unprotected so that you can add ticks for items you have or remove them if you don’t.

    Hope this is okay for you?

  9. Hi Kevin

    a very big thanks you for your help and kindness, the file is ok for me , thanks

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