My word! How quickly time flies!

I was surprised at how long it had been since I had put up any kind of update on this blog.  I can only apologise to the faithful amongst you, as well as the few new followers.

That work-thing seems to have got in the way again.

Even though I’ve not been posting I have continued to update the news articles whenever I’ve had the chance – in case you missed it, I’ve just updated the 2013 articles page today.  I also added links to the first couple of albums in the Original Albums list – this is now complete.  The pics are also in the Albums section of the Picture Galleries.

Barry’s recent tour would seem to have been a great success.  Many videos have been uploaded to YouTube and I will be updating the video links to include some of the better quality ones – this week, hopefully!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the O2 in London as I had planned, mostly down to the ticket price!  I’m sure that was dictated by the venue because I didn’t see another band  that played there recently, again because of silly ticket prices.

Either that or this is now the “norm”, in which case I suppose I won’t be going to another concert. Ever!

What’s happened to the Chronology?

I know many of you have downloaded the first part of the illustrated Chronology, for which I thank you and hope you liked it.

I haven’t had a chance to complete the second part yet.  It has been started and I will continue to work on it when I can, but I don’t envision it will be ready for uploading until Christmas when I have a couple of weeks off work.

A new Robin Gibb album?

I suspect that many of you will have heard the rumours of a forthcoming album of Robin’s solo material – some reports say it will be the unreleased 50 St Catherine’s Drive album or a combination of some of those songs and other unreleased material.

It has been suggested that release will come next year.  This is fantastic news and it would be nice to see this come to fruition.

I don’t know any more than the rest of you at this point, but I will keep my ear to the ground and as soon as there’s any news I will post it here.

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