Lifetime Honour for Barry

Barry Gibb is to be honoured with a lifetime achievement award (officially named the Sony Mobile Lifetime Achievement Award) at next month’s O2 Silver Clef Awards.

The award will celebrate a career during which he and the Bee Gees are estimated to have sold upwards of 220 million albums.

The Bee Gees won a Special Achievement award at the same event back in 1993.


3 comments on “Lifetime Honour for Barry

  1. where are the rest of the BEE GEES remasters? This breaks my heart. It almost says the 70s are shyt – very disappointed! Surely there are fans who will buy each of these in nice packages!

    • Unfortunately I don’t know why the re-masters stopped. I suspect that it was due to lack of demand, though. Whilst there are many fans out there (you and me included) that would go out and buy them, it seems as though the record company won’t get enough of a profit to make it worth their while producing them. It is a shame because I would love to see an official release of “A Kick In The Head …” and the other demos.

      • Well of course A KICK IN THE HEAD!!!! However I was really looking forward to remasters and beautiful packages of Cucumber, Trafalgar, For Whom It May, LIFE IN A TIN CAN! etc etc. Rats and drats!

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