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New document added

I was going to wait until I’d had a chance to complete this project but an unfortunate occurrence has forced a change in those plans.

The project itself is why I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog over the past couple of weeks because I’ve been concentrating on updating it.

The document is a “glorified” discography, for want of a better description!  I have tried to set out the various releases by the Bee Gees, their solo material, and releases of their songs by other artists.  A lot of the earlier records rarely had a picture sleeve but I have included these wherever I have them.

Anyway, I have uploaded to the download area the document as it was at the end of last weekend, which is up to 1980. The reason for posting is simple: I lost a memory stick on Wednesday and I wanted to get the thing “out there”.  So if you see something similar appear elsewhere in the future then you’ll know that they stole my work!

I’ll carry on working on the document and will update it here, probably as I complete each decade.


One comment on “New document added

  1. This is an incredible work of art that you put together – it boggles the mind. The most thoughtful discography of any artist ever put together I must say hats off to you!

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