More catching up

Work seems to have overtaken my life at the moment, so apologies for the lack of posts – I seem to be in a constant state of “catch-up”!!

Since my last post we have seen the release of the long-awaited Titanic Requiem CD.  It was greeted with critical acclaim, backed up by its entry into the Classical charts at number 4.

Today (8 April) the Sun in the UK is reporting the fact that Barry has flown to the UK to be at Robin’s bedside following a down-turn in his health.  There has been no word from Robin’s camp – nor Barry’s for that matter; nor has there been any other reporting of Robin having pneumonia, as reported in the same article (other than a regurgitating of the same story).

In my experience when an unknown “source” is quoted by the Sun it means they made it up! So I’d prefer to think that, given the lack of official information – and also in an effort to keep things more positive – it is equally likely that Barry has flown in to support Robin’s Titanic Requiem premiere on Tuesday evening.

On a lighter note, the above-mentioned premiere is to be streamed live on the internet, which will be great for fans unable to make it in person. Click the link from 19:30GMT (14:30EST). Titanic Requiem will begin at around 20:40. At the time of writing there has been no indication that Robin will NOT be attending, so until we hear otherwise we can assume he will be performing.

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