Robin on Radio 2 – Report

Robin has spoken this afternoon about his “spectacular” recovery from his recent cancer scare, declaring that he felt “fantastic!”.

He has made very few recent public appearances, but on the occasions he has made it out he appeared to look more and more ill.  Of course, we now know this was the result of a much-publicised bowel condition, but Robin insists he has now begun to put on weight.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright show, Robin told how he feels better than he has for a decade.

The prognosis is that it’s almost gone and I feel fantastic and really from now on it’s just what they could describe as a ‘mopping-up’ operation. I am very active and my sense of well-being is good.

This, of course, is great news for us fans who are looking forward to seeing him perform at the premiere of Titanic Requiem in April.

Speaking further about recent press reports Robin went on:

I mean the fact is, I’ve never spoken to anybody about my condition or the condition that I was in and a lot of them go over the top to the point where they’re telling me things that I didn’t even know about myself.

In response to press claims that his thin appearance was a result of his illness, Robin had this to say

I’ve always been thin. If you go back to when we first started I’ve always been skinny. It’s hard for me to put on weight.

Those of us who have followed the Bee Gees for any length of time will be able to confirm that!

Overall, the interview was very positive and it certainly bodes well for the future.

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