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It’s got busy

All of a sudden all things “Bee Gees” has hit over-drive!

It’s been difficult to keep up with the whole thing. Updates have happened here but may have gone un-noticed because I didn’t announce them, so by way of a summary of the weekend:


Robin had a check up on Friday to see if he would be fit enough to perform at the “Coming Home” charity concert on 13 Feb at the London Palladium.  He got the all clear and several source are reporting today that he really wants to be there for it … here’s hoping. See the Diary page for ticket info.

Barry’s solo concert at Seminole Hard Rock has got a bit of publicity.

Check out the 2012 Press Reports page for links to these stories.

Titanic Requiem

Promotion of Titanic Requiem continued unabated with the release of more teasers. The official Facebook page is currently streaming the track “Maiden Voyage”.

… and finally

Finally, a word about the links section.  Some of you may have noticed today that the link section on the sidebar has disappeared. Well, technically, at the moment just the links have disappeared … the section is still there with a link to a new “Links” page.  The list got a little long so I decided to put them on their own page instead.

That also meant re-arranging things slightly with the YouTube links now under the general “Links” header.

Sorry for any confusion and apologies to anyone who now has to change any bookmarks.


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  1. Thanks for all your work keeping us informed

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