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It appears that over the past couple of weeks I’ve been failing to keep up with the various news sources, what with all the celebrating and stuff!

I was unable to sleep again, so I decided to have a look around the internet to see if there was anything worth reporting here. Therefore, apologies if you’ve already seen some, or all, of these – but then again, if you have seen them why didn’t someone tell me? *sad face*

I’m not going to include the stories surrounding Robin’s health because, quite frankly, it’s been done to death now and we all know the situation (time to move on you newspaper types) .

Firstly, the Daily Star (among others) ran a story just before Christmas that shows kids in the UK are not being properly educated. No big surprise, you may say, but what’s this got to do with the Bee Gees?  And you would be right to question – it is, after all, 05:25 in the A.M. and you may think I’m delirious through lack of sleep!  A survey was carried out that discovered that some kids think that the Bee Gees were the 3 wise men – frankly, one has to wonder exactly where the survey was conducted and on who. Anyway, click here if you want a good laugh – the headline will get you if nothing else!

‘Isle of Man Today’ has an article entitled UK Going Bee Gees Crazy mainly about the recent “Favourite Bee Gees Song” programme.

The Australian Bee Gees tribute show at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has apparently been extended to February 2013.  If anyone has been to see this and wants to do a piece on how good/bad it is for this blog please get in touch.

For those interested in trivia you may want to add this to your list of facts: The first episode of the new series of Sherlock began with Moriarty being interrupted by his phone ringing. The ringtone? Stayin’ Alive!

Fiinally, it would appear that the heavy metal Bee Gees tribute band, Tragedy, have decided to darken UK shores! They will be undertaking a short tour in May and June. Details can be found here.

Tragedy - all metal Bee Gees tribute band *sigh*

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