The Nation’s Favourite Bee Gees Song

Just a friendly reminder to UK viewers that you can see the one-off television special on ITV-1 on Friday from 9pm.

The programme will be a celebration of some of the best-loved songs in recent music history, as well as relating the stories behind them. The 90 minute special includes some brand new interviews with Robin and Barry where they will be revealing some of the fascinating story behind their music that inspired not only the record-buying public but also their musical peers.

We are promised some rare archive footage of an alternative version of Staying Alive made in 1977, which has never been released; there will also be new interviews from band members and the people who were instrumental in helping them achieve their success.

The final list of 20 classics has been compiled with the help of a panel of Bee Gees experts, with the final order being voted by the public last month,

The list of 20 in chronological order:

  • To Love Somebody (1967)
  • Massachusetts (1967)
  • Words (1968)
  • I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You  (1968)
  • How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (1971)
  • Run To Me (1972)
  • Nights On Broadway (1975)
  • Jive Talkin’ (1975)
  • You Should Be Dancing (1976)
  • How Deep Is Your Love (1977)
  • Stayin’ Alive (1978)
  • More Than A Woman (1978)
  • Night Fever (1978)
  • Too Much Heaven (1978)
  • Tragedy (1979)
  • Guilty (1980)
  • Islands In The Stream (1983)
  • Chain Reaction (1986)
  • You Win Again (1987)
  • Immortality (1988)

For those that can’t watch the programme I will be posting the final order on Friday night, after the show finishes.

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