In the news this week

There have been a few minor Gibb-related stories in the news this week, so I thought I’d bring them all together in what could become a regular weekly post.

First up, it appears Robin may be selling his home in Florida.  See the full (if short!) story here:

Next, The Gorillaz explain how Barry missed out on working with them:

A more in-depth article can be found at regarding Dwina’s research into Spider Therapy in the treatment of liver cancer.

Finally, a quote from a story in The Independent about a radio programme on counter-tenors:

Countertenors and falsettos – they’re not the same thing – have also enjoyed a second life thanks to the likes of Smokey Robinson, the Beach Boys, Jimmy Somerville and the Bee Gees. Bidisha met Michael Chance, a countertenor who teaches at the Royal Academy. He enthused about the Bee Gees, when I’d thought he might be sniffy. “Astonishing, really well controlled and incredibly high and brilliantly in tune … fantastic, fantastic.”

If you’re interested in reading the whole thing, click here.

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