Daily facts update

You may well have noticed over the past few days that there has been a distinct lack of facts being displayed.

This is down to the fact that there are no facts!  I have been putting other obscure facts up on the days where I didn’t have a Bee Gees related fact, but this has proven to be more trouble than it’s worth.   Since I have all the Bee Gees facts for the year, and since I’m a lazy so-and-so, I’ve decided to change the way I put the facts out there.

From now on, I will put a page up on the first of each month with all Bee Gees facts for that month.  Since I’d already started May’s I have put that page up this morning.

Sorry to be awkward about this but I was staying up just to change the fact for each day and it resulted in me disrupting my sleep pattern.

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