Bee Gees Demos – Part 21

More demo CDs from my collection in this last post of the series (unless more come my way).

From The Bee Gees Archives

At the time this came out many of these tracks had been on various other Demo tapes / CDs but this is a collection of some of the better quality recordings that were available.

Now, of course, much better quality versions of most of these can be found on the “Studio Albums” sets.

Track listing
1. All the King’s Horses
2. Mrs Gillespies Refrigerator
3. Deeply, Deeply Me
4. Mr Wallor’s Wailing Wall
5. Every Morning, Every Night
6. Irresponsible, Unreliable, Indispensible Blues
7. Distant Relationship
8. Merrily Merry Eyes
9. If I Were The Sky
10. Every Time I See You Smile
11. End Of My Song
12. Who Knows What A Room Is
13. Don’t Forget Me Ida
14. Nobody’s Someone
15. Ellan Vannin
16. Ring My Bell
17. We Can Lift A Mountain
18. We Can Lift A Mountain
19. God’s Good Grace
20. Give A Hand, Take A Hand
21. Jumbo
22. Another Cold And Windy Day (Coke advert #1)
23. Sitting In The Meadow (Coke advert #2)

The two ‘Coke’ adverts are the longer versions.


From The Bee Gees Archives vol 2

Volume 2 has some rare songs, but suffers from poorer quality recordings.  This is mostly down to the original source recordings being poor.  Many have been cleaned up as far as possible, which make them at least listenable.

Track listing
1. Alexandria Good Time
2. Let Your Heart Out
3. Ultrabrite Jingle
4. End Of The World
5. We Can Conquer The World
6. White Christmas – Andy
7. Come Some Halloween or Christmas Day
8. Sha La La
9. Sweetheart (Demo)
10. I Lay Down And Die (Demo)
11. To A Girl (Andy)
12. Twenty Miles To Blueland
13. Alabama (alternate mix)
14. All Around My Clock
15. The Promise You Made
16. Trafalgar (demo)
17. Heart (Stop Beating In Time) (demo)
18. Heat Of The Night
19. Westfield Mansion – Andy
20. Words And Music – Andy
21. Gena’s Theme
22. All I Have To Do Is Dream – Andy & Victoria Principle (live)
23. Rings of Gold – Lesley Gibb / Ian MacLoud
24. Give Your Best – Lesley Gibb / Ian MacLoud
25. Keep on Smiling – Lesley Gibb / Ian MacLoud
26. Come Some Halloween or Christmas Day (extended mix)

Last Minute Demos

This CD is made up primarily of demos from Bee Gees First sessions with a couple of songs from the previous four years in Australia.

Track listing
1. Red Chair Fade Away (different mix without mellotron)
2. I Close My Eyes (different mix with louder trumpets)
3. Turn of The Century (alternate mix – louder orchestra, less backing vocal)
4. Turn of The Century (alternate mix – more bass and violins)
5. Turn of The Century (alternate mix – no affects, louder drums)
6. Mr Wallor’s Wailing Wall
7. One Minute Woman (Robin lead vocal)
8. Cucumber Castle (alternate mix)
9. Coal Man
10. Top Hat
11. All The King’s Horses
12. Butterfly
13. Have You Heard The Word
14. Interview / New York Mining Disaster 1941

Lost and Found

Track listing
1. Alabama – Maurice
2. Alexander’s Ragtime Band – live 1974
3. Andy / Dean Martin sketch
4. Being Home – Maurice
5. City Of Angels (part)
6. Don’t Take My Good Time Away (part)
7. Give Me A Glass Of Wine – Maurice
8. I Lay Down And Die (demo)
9. I Miss You – Anne Shelton
10. Kangoory Dance
11. Let It Be (part) – Barry
12. Let Me Love You (interview on top)
13. Let Me Love You (part) 1960
14. Let Me Love You (interview about first songs)
15. Let Your Heart Out (part)
16. Love Is Just A Calling Card (part) – Robin
17. Morning Sun
18. Mrs Gillespie’s Refrigerator (alternate version)
19. Remember The Days – Andy, Olivia Newton-John and ABBA
20. She’s Like The Devil
21. Thank Heaven For Little Girls – Andy
22. To Dance Again
23. Touch And Understand Love – Maurice
24. We Can Conquer The World (Part)
25. Westfield Mansion – Andy
26. What A Wonderful You – Maurice
27. What’s New Mary Jane – Maurice
28. Woman
29. Xmas Day or Halloween

The Complete Storytellers

This is a recording of all 16 tracks from the Bee Gees’ appearance on VH-1’s “Storytellers” series.

It also contains what it calls “bonus tracks” which are nothing more than audio versions of songs from television shows and the “Keppel Road” video.

Track listing
1. Lollipop
2. New York Mining Disaster 1941
3. I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
4. To Love Somebody
5. Massachusetts
6. I Started A Joke
7. Lonely Days
8. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
9. Jive Talkin’
10. How Deep Is Your Love
11. Islands In The Stream
12. Heartbreaker
13. Stayin’ Alive
14. Still Waters
15. I Could Not Love You More
16. Words

Bonus tracks:
17. Tragedy (recorded from Keppel Road video)
18. Alone (David Letterman show)
19. Still Waters (David Letterman show)
20. Just In Case (recorded from Keppel Road video)
21. I Could Not Love You More (live)

Scattered Gibbs

This is a great collection consisting of 2 CDs.

All songs are Gibb-written songs recorded by other artists, some with one or more Gibbs on backing vocal or dual lead vocal.  Many of the tracks are hard to find and most of them have never been recorded by the Bee Gees themselves.

Track listing CD 1
1. Garden Of My Home – Abi & Esther Ofarim
2. Cowman Milk Your Cow – Adam Faith
3. Only One Woman – The Marbles
4. By The Light Of The Burning Candle – The Marbles
5. The Walls Fell Down – The Marbles
6. Love You – The Marbles
7. The Love Of A Woman – Samantha Sang
8. Everybody Clap – Lulu
9. Emotion – Samantha Sang
10. Save Me, Save Me – Network
11. Warm Ride – Rare Earth
12. Grease – Frankie Valli
13. Ain’t Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You – Teri De Sario
14. Hold On (To My Love) – Jimmy Ruffin
15. Where Do I Go – Jimmy Ruffin
16. Help Me! – Marcy Levy & Robin Gibb
17. Guilty – Barbra Streisand
18. Woman In Love – Barbra Streisand
19. Secrets – Elaine Paige
20. Time Is Time – Andy

Track listing CD 2
1. Carried Away – Olivia Newton-John
2. Heart (Stop Beating In Time) – Leo Sayer
3. Heartbreaker – Dionne Warwick
4. Islands In The Stream – Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
5. Eyes That See In The Dark – Kenny Rogers
6. Chain Reaction (extended version) – Diana Ross
7. Indian Summer – Roy Orbison / Larry Gaitlin
8. Fight (No Matter How Long) – Eric Clapton
9. Brand New Heart – Carola
10. Up The Revolution – Elton John
11. Man On Fire – Andy
12. Born To Be Loved By You – Kelli Wolfe
13. Eyes – Kelly Wolfe
14. Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms – Lulu
15. I’m Not Wearing Make-Up – Beri Rhodes
16. Your Love Will Save The World – Percy Sledge
17. Immortality – Celine Dion
18. I Will Be There – Tina Turner

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