Bee Gees Demos – Part 20

As promised, here are the demo CDs that I have in my collection.

Originally I intended to do this in a single post but when I dug them out I found more than I remembered buying.  Conversely, there are a couple that I didn’t find that I’m positive I bought so I need to hunt around a bit more.

Because of this I’ve decided to break the list up, so there’ll a couple more posts before the series is completed.

Angel of Mercy: Buried Gibb Treasures

This is a strange collection made up of a mixture of Gibb solo demos, Bee Gees demos and Gibb songs by other artists.

The quality on some them is poor, but others are fairly good, especially the other artist songs, which is to be expected since they’re released versions.

Track listing:
01. Angel of Mercy – Carola
02. Arrow Through The Heart – Andy Gibb
03. Moon Anthem – Robin Gibb
04. Sensuality (fan recording)
05. What’d I Say – Andy & Barry live
06. Lovers and Friends – Ronan Keating
07. Merrily Merry Eyes
08. You’ve Got To Live Your Life – Andy
09. Mr Mover (Demo) – Andy
10. Turn Me On (Demo) – Andy
11. The Bridge (fan recording) – Maurice & Samantha Gibb
12. Hudson’s Fallen Wind (part) – Robin
13. Love For Living – Clare Torry
14. Angel of Mercy – Nicola Cheung

Bee Gees Unlocked

This is a good collection Bee Gees and solo demos.

Most of the songs are high quality; the unreleased Bee Gees track ‘Sensuality’ is one of the highlights.  A much better quality than on Angel of Mercy (above); also the two Maurice & Samantha Gibb tracks are just as good quality.

Track listing:
01. Sensuality – Bee Gees (Studio quality)
02. I Just Want To Take Care Of You (It’s Over) – Barry (studio version)
03. Broken Bottles – Barry (Complete high quality demo)
04. Angel of Mercy – Maurice & Samantha Gibb (studio quality)
05. The Bridge – Maurice & Samantha Gibb (studio quality)
06. City of Angels – Bee Gees (Complete high quality demo)
07. Don’t Take My Good Times Away – Bee Gees (Complete high quality demo)
08. Don’t Throw It All Away – Bee Gees (demo)
09. Holiday (alternate version) – Bee Gees
10. Wedding Day (Angela mix) – Bee Gees
11. Grief Never Grows Old (Robin-Russell mix) – Robin
12. My Lover’s Prayer – Robin and Wanya

From The Gibb Files

This collection contains some more obscure tracks, especially the Maurice demos and Lesley Gibb songs.  Most of them are listenable without too much trouble.

Track listing:
01. To A Girl – Andy
02. Ultrabrite Jingle – Maurice
03. Alabama (acetate) – Maurice
04. Sha-la-la – Bee Gees
05. We Can Conquer The World – Bee Gees
06. Come Some Christmas Eve or Halloween – Bee Gees
07. Rings of Gold – Lesley Gibb & Ian MacLeod
08. Give Your Best – Lesley Gibb & Ian MacLeod
09. Keep on Smiling – Lesley Gibb & Ian MacLeod
10. End Of The World – Bee Gees
11. Twenty Miles to Blueland – Bee Gees
12. All Around My Clock – Bee Gees
13. Gena’s Theme – Bee Gees
14. The Promise You Made – Bee Gees
15. Let Your Heart Out – Bee Gees

The Bee Gees Unleashed

The highlights of this disc are the two Robin demos.  All tracks are mid-to-high quality, so one of the better collections.

Track listing:
01. Human Being (demo) – Robin
02. Love Is Just A Calling Card (demo) – Robin
03. Let Me Love You – Bee Gees
04. City of Angels (clip 1) – Bee Gees
05. City of Angels (clip 2) – Bee Gees
06. He’s A Liar (first cast-2 clips) – Bee Gees
07. I Can Lift A Mountain (first cast clip 1) – Bee Gees
08. I Can Lift A Mountain (first cast clip 2) – Bee Gees
09. Lamplight (demo) – Bee Gees
10. Melody Fair (demo) – Bee Gees
11. Mind Over Matter (Demo-clip) – Bee Gees
12. Nobody’s Someone (high quality demo) – Bee Gees
13. Ellan Vannin (1969 – high quality demo) – Bee Gees
14. I Lay Down and Die (alternate version) – Bee Gees
15. If I Were The Sky (high quality demo) – Bee Gees
16. Irresponsible, Unreliable, Indispensible Blues (high quality demo) – Bee Gees

Bee Gees: The Uncommon Files

This CD contains nothing new – it seems to repeat a lot of the previous disc, mostly in poorer quality. The ‘My Thing (with dog)’ track is just a recording from the Cucumber Castle film and not a demo as it states.

Track listing:
01. Human Being (demo) – Robin
02. City of Angels (part) – Bee Gees
03. Love Is Just A Calling Card (demo) – Robin
04. Let Me Love You (1960 version) – Bee Gees
05. Let Me Love You (contemporary version) – Bee Gees
06. Another Cold and Windy Day (Coca-cola ad – high quality version) – Bee Gees
07. Lamplight (demo) – Bee Gees
08. Melody Fair (demo) – Bee Gees
09. My Thing (demo with dog) – Bee Gees
10. Sweetheart (remastered demo) – Barry
11. The Bridge – Maurice & Samantha Gibb
12. Mind Over Matter (part) – Bee Gees
13. Ellan Vannin (live in Sydney) – Bee Gees
14. E.S.P. (no guitar demo) – Bee Gees
15. Wish You Were Here (live) – Robin Gibb
16. You Win Again (live at Princes’ Trust Concert) – Bee Gees

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