Bee Gees Demos – Part 13

Barry Gibb, Heartbreaker

Barry’s second album for another artist. Demos of the songs were released on iTunes in 2006.

Exact recording dates aren’t known.

Like the “Guilty” demos these are very much complete works; there are no songs with incomplete lyrics as on some previous demos.

1. Heartbreaker

Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb.

Barry singing in falsetto to a fairly complex, if still basic, backing track.  Some minor lyrical differences but nothing major; the song is otherwise on a par with the final version.

2. It Makes No Difference

Written by Barry Gibb & Albhy Galuten.

Barry mixes falsetto and normal voice on the verses to great effect.  The instrumental track sounds almost complete.  Barry’s vocal works well with this song and you could imagine this on a Bee Gees album.

3. Yours

Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb.

Not my favourite song from this album, but I’ll try to be objective!  Barry puts in another fine falsetto performance but the song itself feels like it’s lacking something.  Even on the Dionne Warwick version with its more polished instrumental track, it doesn’t quite work.

4. Take The Short Way Home

Written by Barry Gibb & Albhy Galuten.

Nice catchy song with a sing-a-long chorus.  Barry’s vocal doesn’t sound as strong on this demo – it could just be the way it’s mixed; or maybe it’s supposed to sound that way?!

5. Misunderstood

Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb.

A guitar-dominated musical track and sung mostly in normal voice (which I think the previous one might have profited from).  This is another fine song that a more selfish artist would probably have kept for themselves. I love the rolling overdubs towards the end – typical Barry.

6. All The Love In The World

Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb.

Back to the falsetto vocal for this track, sung over a part-finished musical backing of mainly drum machine and guitar.

7. I Can’t See Anything (But You)

Written by Barry Gibb, Albhy Galuten & Maurice Gibb.

This version gets me all emotional!! The vocal is vintage Barry and the harmony on the chorus just hits the right level. My only criticism of this song is the vocal break at “no-one ever cried …”! Why is it here? It doesn’t fit the rest of the song.

8. Just One More Night

Written by Barry Gibb & Albhy Galuten.

Brilliant, just brilliant.  Barry hitting every note with perfection; starting in normal voice for the first couple of words and building to falsetto. The main bulk of the song is sung in a soft falsetto which proves the talent of the man – keeping just that right level without breaking into normal voice can’t be easy.

9. You Are My Love

Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb.

Back to more standard Bee Gees’ fare as displayed by Barry’s harder falsetto (not to mention the B, R &M writing credit!).

10. Oceans And Rivers

Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb.


A more basic instrumental track the previous songs. Barry with another fasletto, but a little higher key.  The song has a catchy chorus and some good lyrics.  Either of the unreleased tracks would have been a good replacement for ‘Yours@ but, unfortunately, they went un-used!

11. Broken Bottles

Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb.


This is more Dionne Warwick than Ocean’s and Rivers and yet was still thrown away.  Some of the lyrics would benefit from some work, which I’m sure wouldn’t have been too difficult!  Another catchy chorus and a driving beat – which is probably what put off Warwick, but I think she could have pulled it off.

Next up:  Eyes That See In The Dark

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