Bee Gees Demos – Part 12

Robin Gibb, How Old Are You

Okay, so I’ve made a little mistake here, Robin recorded his demos for this album after the Heartbreaker demos.

Since I’d already said I’d do these next I have kept my word but acknowledge the error.

Demos for Robin’s second released album were recorded with Maurice in late 1982, probably October / November.

The songs that make up the demos CD are pretty much all complete, both lyrically and musically.  There is very little difference between these and the final versions on the album.

1. Juliet (rough first mix)

Despite being given the “rough” description this sounds very similar to the finished track – I would call it “unrefined” rather rough!  Robin’s vocal is perfect, though.  A complete lyric with no changes.

2. How Old Are Your (rough mix)

Again, “rough” is a bit tough.  Some of the ad-lib backing vocal is more prominent, the lyrics are complete with no differences to the final song.

3. In And Out Of Love (rough mix)

This was is a little bit more basic in terms of the instrumental backing track.  Some of the vocal is slightly weaker, like they haven’t quite got the final sound.  It’s pretty much “as-is” though, in terms of comparison to the final track.  The vocal is complete, even the vocal overdubs.

4. Kathy’s Gone (rough mix)

Another song ‘almost’ as per the finished song.  No lyrical differences.

5. Kathy’s Gone (unfinished lyrics)

Now we get a ‘proper demo’!  Musically there are no differences; lyrically is another story.  The first part of the chorus is there, but the rest of the lyrics are a mish-mash of the odd word and various vocals to give the ‘feel’ of the vocal flow.

6. Don’t Stop The Night (rough mix)

Another in an almost final state.  It’s so similar to the final version that it doesn’t need any further explanation.

7. Another Lonely Night In New York (rough mix)

To me this doesn’t sound that different to the final song.  Some of the musical finesse is missing, but apart from that it’s the finished article.

8. Danger (rough mix)

The music of this version is slightly different, some of the minor keyboard parts are more prominent, whereas on the final version they’ve been pushed back in the mix and other parts brought to the fore.  Vocally, it’s pretty much the same, with no lyrical changes.

9. He Can’t Love You (rough mix)

Very similar to the final version;  I know this is getting a bit ‘samey’ but there really isn’t any other way to explain these songs!

10. Hearts On Fire (rough mix)

Almost complete. Again, no discernable difference in the vocal and the music is very much on the right side of complete.

11. I Believe In Miracles (rough mix)

I won’t bore you – see above

12. Human Being (HQ Demo)

Despite being on this CD of How Old Are You demos, Human Being wasn’t actually from these sessions.  Robin and Maurice recorded this in March 1983 along with another track “My World (In The Palm Of Your Hands)”.  What project it was for we don’t know.

The song itself has a similar sound to the songs from the album. A lot of the lyrics are lost under the music.  It’s difficult to tell whether these are actual words or whether it is just noises to the general flow, as with the Kathy’s Gone unfinished lyric track.

13. Love Is A Calling Card (HQ Demo)

Unlike the previous song, this one was from the How Old Are You sessions.  We can hear more lyrics on this but there are certainly parts where there are no discernable words.  Generally it sounds similar to Human Being in the way the song flows.

Next up: Heartbreaker demos

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