Bee Gees Demos – Part 10

Barry Gibb – Guilty

Keeping to the chronology, the next in line are the demos for the Barbra Streisand album.

In late 1979, after completing the successful Spirits tour, Barry began work on an album for Barbra Streisand.

Eleven songs were written in total, five with Robin; another 4 were written with Albhy Galuten. The final two songs were written by Barry, Robin & Maurice (Guilty) and Andy assisted the other 3 brothers in the writing of ‘The Love Inside’.

Streisand recorded the album in early 1980.

Two of the songs were not used, but have been released subsequently – ‘Secrets’ and ‘Carried Away’.

The demos were released on iTunes (all except ‘Never Give Up’) in 2006.

The majority of the demos are sung in falsetto and in Streisand’s key, with a simple electronic keyboard / guitar / drum machine backing track. Many tracks sound surprisingly like Streisand – Barry appears to be a good mimic!

1. Guilty

B, R & M Gibb. One of the last songs to be written for this project. A good rendition of this song. Some of the ‘normal’ voice backing vocal used here was included in the final version.  There no lyrical difference.

2. Woman In Love

B & R Gibb. Strange hearing Barry singing the title lyric!  Again, no lyrical differences.  Overdubs are again kept to a minimum, but would have given Streisand a good idea how the final track would sound.

3. Run Wild

B & R Gibb. Barry’s vocal on this is almost perfect. There are more overdubs in various vocal styles than on a lot of the other demos, especially towards the end.

4. Promises

B & R Gibb. Compared to the previous song, this has next-to-no overdubs, which makes it sound ‘hollow’ compared to the final version.

5. The Love Inside

B, R, M & A Gibb. The verses are sung in a slightly higher-pitched, soft, ‘normal’ voice building to falsetto on the chorus lines.  Would have made a great Barry solo track!

6. What Kind of Fool

B Gibb & Albhy Galuten.  Another one sung a soft, ‘normal’, voice even on the chorus.  The falsetto comes in on  the “was there a moment when I cut you down…” break before the last chorus, but it’s a little flat.

7. Life Story

B & R Gibb.  A much better falsetto vocal.  Very similar, if flat-sounding, musical arrangement – probably sounds ‘flat’ because it’s all done electronically!

8. Make It Like A Memory

B Gibb & Albhy Galuten. Falsetto vocal again, with a piano accompaniment.  Barry’s singing of the chorus is different to Streisand’s, which improves the flow of the track.  For some reason Barry decided to sing the first words really quickly, which makes it sound almost cartoon-ish – if that makes sense(?).

9. Carried Away

B Gibb & Albhy Galuten.  This one has an almost country-ish intro and it doesn’t sound as strong as the others.  Not that it’s a bad song, it just doesn’t sound good enough for Streisand.

10. Secrets

B & R Gibb. It isn’t quite so obvious why this wasn’t picked up.  It is along the same kind of lines as the songs that made up the final album.  Maybe the lyrics are a bit weaker, but they could have been changed to suit.  Joe Brennan teases us with his entry for the Elaine Paige version of this song – was it possible that Streisand actually did a version of this?  He is right in that it does sound very similar to other ‘Guilty’ tracks.  Hmmm, interesting.

Next up: Living Eyes demos (I don’t have any demos of Robin’s songs for Jimmy Ruffin’s ‘Sunrise’ album)

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