Useful software

It occurred to me that I’m putting all these links up to audio files but some of you out there may not have any easy way of saving them.

You could try this Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.  It really is free.  I find it useful because you can set up the MP3 tags, like Artist, Song title etc. before you download and it’s all added in the process.  Before I found this I was using my MP3 player to record the track and add the tags afterwards. Then I had to edit the file to remove the gap that inevitably appeared at the start!

It is actually one of a suite of programmes (including a YouTube video downloader) so it may be worth exploring what they have there. All free so it has to be worth investigating.

Finally, just to let you know that I am aware it’s been a while since I updated – the next instalment of the Demos series should be up tomorrow.

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