Bee Gees Demos – Part 7

Maurice Gibb, The Loner

Maurice’s first solo project, recorded around the same time as Barry and Robin were recording theirs.  It’s not a bad collection of songs, all with a similar ‘feel’.

The Loner Ladybird bootleg

Journey To Misty Mountains – Instrumental.  Recorded January 1970. Not brilliant quality and in places is hard on the ears if you’re listening with headphones.

The Loner – This is not a bad quality recording, although some of the vocal does get lost in the backing track.  Generally it’s a good song with a typical Maurice use of instrumental breaks.

Please Lock Me Away – Recorded March 1970. Another good quality recording.  The track itself is a light, up-tempo number, with a catchy little chorus that will have you humming all day long.

I’ve Come Back – Recorded December 1969.  The B-side to Maurice’s single “Railroad”.  If you’ve not heard it there’s a link in the YouTube links Demos pages.  Probably one the slowest songs in this collection.

Soldier Johnny – Recorded January 1970.  Another nice tune.  Listening to some of the lyrics one might have expected this to be a slower, more lamenting, tempo.  As it stands it actually works quite well.

She’s The One You Love – Recorded December 1969.  Unfortunately the vocal is not mixed correctly and it’s difficult to pick up most of the lyrics.  This is a shame because it sounds like this could have been one of the stand-out numbers of the album. The musical arrangement is a fine, toe-tapping piece of music in it’s own right.

Railroad – Recorded December 1969.  We all know this one, so I don’t need to go over it … do I?

Laughing Child – Recorded December 1969.  Where “She’s The One” had the vocal mixed almost out of the track, this has it right in your face!  The vocal almost drowns out the music! Another decent song ruin by poor mixing – I dare-say this would have been corrected in the final recording.

Something’s Blowing – Recorded March 1970.  According to Joe Brennan’s entry for this song it was partly based on a song by a staff writer at RSO, Norman Hitchcock. I’ll quote him directly because he puts it much better than I ever could: “The brief main melodies have a precise understated simplicity that is so characteristic, and the well-matched lyrics have a sweet optimism.”

Silly Little Girl – Recorded March 1970. Unlike “Laughing Child” this has a good mix of vocal to music, and the vocal isn’t too harsh for the song.  I think this is a nice song and could do with being a minute or two longer.

Insight – Instrumental. Recorded January 1970. An up-tempo, almost funky ‘disco’ sound.  It wouldn’t have been out of place as a theme for one of those early seventies cop shows!

Apologies for this being a bit shorter than usual – I’ve had to write it in between updating my CV and updating my other blog. I really need to manage my time a bit better!

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