Bee Gees Demos – Part 6

Barry Gibb, The Kid’s No Good

Sorry.  This is a bit later than I was anticipating – it was such a lovely day out there today! Anyway, it’s here now so let’s not waste any more time!

Barry’s first solo effort recorded in February and March 1970.  Unlike Robin’s album with many similar-sounding songs Barry used an eclectic, but good mix of songs and shows just how diverse Barry can be in his song-writing.

Ladybird bootleg

I’ll Kiss Your Memory – recorded February 1970, became a solo single with This Time as the B-Side. These 2 tracks were the only ones from this project to be released by either Barry or the Bee Gees.  This has an ‘echo-y’ sound on the vocal, and a nice orchestral backing track.

Victim – recorded February 1970.  Like some of the other tracks this suffers from a poor mix which at times loses the vocal.  This is a shame because it’s a fairly decent song.

Moonlight – recorded February 1970.  Although unreleased it was performed on a Bee Gees Special and my version is actually a recording of that performance.  Since I don’t have the original demo it’s not possible to write about

Summer Ends – recorded February 1970. Unlike the others with their orchestral backing tracks this is a ‘basic’ demo that begins with an intro from Barry and is just Barry singing and playing a simple guitar accompaniment.

It’s Over – recorded February 1970.  Sometimes called “I Just Wanna Take Care Of You”. A nice song, surprisingly light in its’ feel given the subject matter!  It has a very similar sound to some of the tracks from ‘Trafalgar’

Mando Bay – recorded February 1970. A slow-ish number starting off with some country slide guitar, developing into an almost full orchestral sound.

Born – recorded February 1970.  This is a great song in a sort of ‘Gospel’ genre, not normally something I’d go for but this shows another skill from a master song-meister.  It was recorded by PP Arnold in April 1970, along with Happiness.

Clyde O’Reilly – recorded February 1970.  A country feel on this song and certainly country-type lyrics.  I reckon this would have been a favourite if it had ever been done live.

Peace In My Mind – recorded February 1970.  A slow song, with what sounds a ‘flute’  arrangement and some nice inspirational lyrics

What’s It All About – recorded March 1970. Another country number – I think that Barry sounds a bit like Dylan in places on this one!  This is a slow burner, starting off slow and building up to a nice rhythm.

This Time – recorded March 1970. B-side to “I’ll Kiss Your Memory”.  This could be my theme song because I’m always thinking that I’ll do things differently ‘this time’.  A suitably uplifting backing track makes this one of my favourites.

The Day Your Eyes Meet Mine – written with Maurice, and recorded in March 1970. This is one of the slower tracks of the album. There were a couple of versions on the CD I have, which are basically the same song but are different speeds.  The ‘faster’ version is the better of the play and has a nice orchestral arrangement in the backing track – plenty of violins to enunciate the emotion.  The lyrics aren’t that deep and this is reflected in the overall feel of the song.

One Bad Thing – written with Maurice, this song was recorded in March 1970. The vocal is almost lost to the backing track (at least on my version!!).  It’s another good song, I’d say with an almost country-ish guitar throughout but the rest of the music isn’t country – especially the trumpet!

Happiness – recorded March 1970. Another slow track, with Barry using a higher range which serves to add to the poignancy of the lyrics. Recorded by P.P. Arnold later the same year.

That’s it for Barry’s album … next up, Maurice and “The Loner”.

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