I know I promised but …

… I will be changing have changed the theme again!  In fact, by the time you read this it will probably already have changed.

I do have a very good reason, though, and it’s all for you dear readers.  Because of the various link pages I thought it would be useful to have a theme with an area at the top of the front page, just below the header so that I can put up an update message.  This will help those of you out there interested in those pages, but not subscribed to them, to easily see when there’s been an update – see I am nice to you all, really!!

Then there are those new “daily fact” posts. The theme I’m looking at shows quotes in a bit more obvious fashion.  Like in a box with a big quotation mark in the top left corner! As you can see I’ve decided to add these in the widget area to save taking up a blog post.

The final reason? Well, now that I’m actually taking this a bit more seriously, I decided I wanted something that looked cleaner and a bit more professional – with fonts that are easier to read!

After this, I honestly don’t plan on changing the theme again for a while – no promises this time, though.

In the words of the Odessa song “never say, never say never again”!

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