So, do you fancy a collectable?

I’m always interested to see exactly what kind of memorabilia there is out there.  A recent search has yielded a number of fascinating items that I thought some of you may be interested in.

Many of these are far beyond my budget, what with having no job and all, so you won’t have any competition from me if you want to buy any of this stuff!

In all cases, clicking on the picture will take you to the item for more info.  As of posting everything was still available.

First up, a Tour Book from a 1968 US Tour.

Bee Gees 1968 Tour Book


Or, maybe you fancy some “Spirits” with this goblet / cassette / champagne?

Spirits champagne pack

Saturday Night Fever press pack, or maybe some cologne?

SNF press pack

SNF cologne

How about this “You Win Again” 12-inch picture disc?

You Win Again pic disc

Lovers Prayer promo

This is just a small collection of what I’ve found in my searches.

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