New ‘Links’ page is up

Just a quick update to let you all know – in case you haven’t already noticed – that I’ve added a new page of YouTube links.  I’ve split them into four headers:

Australia – contains clips of their appearances on Aussie TV.

Demos – Bee Gees and solo demos.  Will mostly be audio.

Promos – Bee Gees and solo promotional videos

Rare – some of the rare or hard to find tracks. Some video, but mostly audio

You will notice at the top of each of these pages that there is a note with the latest update date/time so that you can see if there’s anything new.  Actually, I’ll probably start putting the newer ones at the top and separate them so you don’t have to check the whole list again.

Due to the nature of some of these clips some may disappear. Hopefully I’ll catch them first and remove them, but if anyone finds one please let me know so that I can remove it. Thanks.

Finally, I’ll try to update as often as possible but please remember that I do have other things to do so it could be days between updates.

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