The Bee Gees on YouTube

I thought I’d do this next because, after writing about the various websites yesterday, I did a YouTube search and found some really interesting stuff.

Anyone can search the site and find the same things, which helps my guilty feelings about sharing some of this here (and it’s not like I’m getting thousands of readers!).

The first thing that I found was that YouTube appears to have become a home for a lot of demos.  If you’ve been reading my series of posts on demos you’ll find some of them here, if you’ve not heard any of them before.  Even for myself I found stuff that I haven’t got.

One thing I didn’t do with my posts was to provide download links to the tracks in question, which I’m sure disappointed some people.  This time, however, clicking the title will take you to the clip in question – so click on them now because they may not be there for long!

Most surprising for me were two demos from Barry’s work on the second Barbra Streisand album Guilty Too / Guilty Pleasures, depending on which continent you’re on.  The demos in question are Night of My Life and Come Tomorrow. Both are fairly long clips of the songs and are pretty good quality sound.

Another welcome find was Robin’s demo for Hold On To My Love, which he wrote for Jimmy Ruffin.  This time we get the full track and nice quality.  I’ve given you Barry and Robin, so I suppose in the interests of fairness I ought to point you in the direction of a Maurice track. Leave Me Here To Linger With The Ladies is from the “Sing A Rude Song” musical.

There are also some fascinating clips of the early Bee Gees television appearances in Australia.  Time Is Passing By is amongst the rarer songs you’ll find; as is there first appearance singing My Old Man’s A Dustman.  More commercially available tracks like Wine and Women and  are there too.

There’s an nice clip of Barry and Maurice giving an impromptu performance of Bye Bye Love. Not sure what it’s for, or if it was ever used but it’s an interesting one for the fans.

Some of the rarer B-sides (extra tracks on CDs) can also be found such as Fallen Angel (extended version), My Destiny and 855-7019.  There are others but I don’t want to just fill this post up with links.  I will produce a new “YouTube Links” page over the weekend with links to the best quality, rare and interesting clips.

There’s also a good collection of promotional videos, including one for Night Fever, which I’ve included here purely for the “beardless” Barry – plus the fact that I hadn’t seen it before!

Finally, let’s end on a funny. Just to prove that to all those doubters who saw the fiasco of the boys walking off the Clive Anderson show due to an apparent sense-of-humour failure, this clip is from the Howard Stern show.

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