My God, another Theme change. WTF?

Okay, I apologise … believe me I wish I hadn’t bothered!!

I may have to either go back to the previous one or pick something else.  This one looked okay when I previewed it but I ended up having to re-edit all my posts because the text came out too small.  Then I started this post – for the record I use Windows Live Writer to write offline – and the theme doesn’t translate properly there, meaning I don’t exactly know what this is going to look like!

Obviously, I’ll edit it online, so chances are by the time you read this you’ll not notice any problems – unless you’re quick off the mark and get there first!

So, I’ll apologies once more in advance for the next theme change – it’ll definitely be the last one for a while.  Promise!

Edit @ 21:56 – The theme I had tried was the new ‘Rusty Grunge’ theme. Looked cool but needs work! I’ve now changed it to the ‘Koi’ theme and will remain “as-is” for the foreseeable future! Lesson learned.

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