The album that spawned this blog

The infamous (amongst those of use in the know at least) unreleased album A Kick In The Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants has surfaced in many guises over the years.

Personally, I’ve managed to get hold of 3 versions:

The first one contained all the songs from the album, along with 3 others recorded at the same time, “Jesus In Heaven”, “Dear Mr Kissinger” and “Life, Am I Wasting My Time”.  It’s mostly listenable but still a poor recording. Tagged on the end was a really poor recording of an appearance on The Midnight Special.

Secondly, in its fetching pink livery, is a much-improved version of the same recordings – not perfect, but by demo standards it’s pretty good.

The final issue that I have is the best of the lot (pictured below).  Every track is a vast improvement. It is known that the original recordings were being worked on for possible release with a compilation album. It never happened but it is rumoured that these recordings are the very ones worked up for that project.

The album was supposed to follow the “Life In A Tin Can” album, and a single was released that saw the only release of three of the album tracks.

The single was “Wouldn’t I Be Someone”, released June 1973. In the UK & US the B-side was “Elisa”, other countries had “King and Country”.   It bombed.  Another song from the album, “It Doesn’t Matter Much To Me” accidentally made it on to the 1974 compilation “Gotta Get A Message To You” – this should have had the 1974 remake that appeared on the B-side of the “Mr Natural” single.

The non-release of this album spurred record company to bring in Arif Mardin to produce the next album, “Mr Natural”.  This turned out to be a big turning point in the fortunes of the Bee Gees.

A Kick In The Head (3)

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