50 St Catherine’s Drive – Review (at last!)

Yeah, okay, I know that this has taken way longer than it should have. The reasons are numerous and, in some cases, personal but they all conspired to me not doing anything on here until now. As a die-hard Bee Gees fan, I so wanted to love this album when it came out back in […]

50 St Catherine’s Drive

I know I may have been appearing to neglect this site but there hasn’t really been that much to put up.  I’m happy to receive suggestions if there’s anything in particular than anyone wants to see – I will do my utmost to oblige. I have been (and will continue) updating the news stories with […]

Plaque Unveiled

The Heritage Foundation blue plaque has been unveiled earlier this afternoon at his home in Oxfordshire, The Prebendal. Following some nice words from D.J. Mike Reid and composer Tim Rice, the plaque was unveiled by Robin’s widow Dwina and son R.J.

Barry on tour and a statue in the offing.

So … apologies for being away from this longer than expected.  Pressures on work and … blah-de-blah! Barry On Tour It probably hasn’t already escaped your collective notice that Barry has announced a tour starting in February 2013 in Australia. This is welcome news indeed for fans the world over and it will, no doubt, […]

Plaque Unveiling

On September 30 2012, a plaque will be unveiled in memory of Robin Gibb. The event has been organised by the Heritage Foundation, of which Robin was chairman.   The plaque will be placed outside The Prebendal – Robin’s home in Thame – and will be unveilied by members of his family. Following this, there will […]

Will the World ever truly see the Gibbs as great songwriters?

It seems to take an event of great emotional tragedy for people to fully appreciate talent and this appears to be particularly true of the Gibb brothers. One might think that the lessons would have been learned after the death of Andy Gibb back in 1988 but, certainly after Maurice’s death in 2003, the general […]

Robin Gibb

10:47pm on 20 May will be a time Bee Gees fans the world over will never forget. It was at that moment that Robin Gibb left the mortal world.   It was at that moment the world lost a musical giant.  More importantly, it was the moment his wife and children lost their hero, Barry Gibb […]


A Short Review

Some of you will already be aware that RobinGibb.com has a ‘members’ area that contains some otherwise unavailable material such Photos, Videos and Audio.  In the Audio section there are some demos, mostly just short clips, but there are a few full-length tracks.  Two of them below are the ones that I wanted to touch […]